Soulfly Creations is a photography company based out of Georgia.  Specializing in portrait and wedding photography, I pride myself on delivering quality work to all of my clients.

A Cleveland, Mississippi native, I have always found creative ways to express myself, but it was while attending a family reunion at the age of 9 that my love affair with photography began.  It was at this time that I was able to view a compilation of my cousin's photography work and the feeling that I got from that experience is was and still is beyond words. I knew that one day I wanted to evoke in other people the feeling that I got from looking through my cousin's work.  Although I loved photography, I started to explore other outlets such as drawing, poetry and sports.  Over time these things became my primary focus as I entered my teenage years.  

After graduating from East Side high school, I attended Mississippi Valley State University where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Mathematics.  Two weeks after graduation I moved to Georgia and enrolled into the Art Institute of Atlanta's graphic design program where I received my Associate of Arts degree. 

While I have been blessed with the opportunity to work and learn from various people in my professional life, my love for photography has returned stronger than ever and I have been enjoying every minute of it. 

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